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Octopussy: James Bond fools around with horny women and stops a nuclear bomb from blowing up... just in time!

Office Space: If you work in an office, this movie should make you laugh.  If it doesn't, then you have serious problems - get help.  Alas, the movie did lose some of its steam toward the end... The best part of the movie was the general feel of it (characters, setting, some scenes, etc), not the overall plot.  So don't expect a masterpiece, just a bunch of entertaining bits.

Oh Brother, Where art Thou?: A thoroughly entertaining film with a great sountrack. Apparently, it's a 1930's take on the Odessey - yes, the old geek story (I mean gReek story). A trio of prisoners escape a chain gang to find some hidden treasure... or maybe not. The movie is all about their encounters with strange characters along the way (all parallels from the Odessey). Good stuff from start to finish.

On a Clear Day: A guy gets laid-off from his job & finds a new purpose by swimming the English channel. Along the way, he confronts other personal demons and inspires those around him to confront their issues as well. By the end, everyone is crying, smiling, and wet. This wasn't as sappy as I thought it'd be (well, at least until the end) - there was actually some interesting directing, and there were some decent scenes. But the story & writing seemed a bit contrived & formulaic at times - there really weren't any surprises throughout. But, I'm not sure what really could have happened to fix that - it's not like they could throw-in a bank robbery or car chase for flair. It was a fine diversion if you want to be uplifted and have a couple hours to kill.

Once Bitten: Jim Carrey before anyone knew who the hell he was.  Teen sex vampire movie.  It's decent for what it is.

One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest: One of those movies that set a new standard.

One Hour Photo: Nearly perverted & nearly freaky... I was actually quite happy that the movie didn't end with a bloodbath. Strange how a mellow ending can be a surprise ending. I really liked the set they created for the Walmart-lookalike store though, almost more like a medical lab. One thing though, I thought the photos the woman took were too well-done for her character - they were obviously done by a professional photographer, who was probably too proud to take mediocore photos... or just didn't think of it.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service: James Bond foils the plans of an evil meglomaniac.

Only the Lonely: A romance between John Candy and Ally Sheedy?  Yes, that is the plot.  John Candy is a "mama's boy" too.  Very strange, and difficult to accept.  But if you do somehow accept the premise, I guess it might be an OK movie.

Operation Condor: Jackie Chan beats people up in creative new ways. (there's some plot about something too)

Orlando: Very bizarre.  I liked it for that reason alone.  I started to lose track of just who the hell the main character was, or what the hell was going on, or what it all meant or... I don't know.  I like any movie that does something original and does it well.

Osama: Tragic story set in the time of the Taliban about an Afghan girl who pretends to be a boy just so she can earn some money for food (don't hold out hope for a happy hollywood ending). This movie portrays such a desparate & hopeless situation... though I guess there is some hope just in the fact that the movie did indeed get made. Now, if there is just some way to get everyone to see it...

The Other Sister: I think it's difficult to act mentally handicapped, or at least to pull it off. The leads in this movie do a decent job of it though. If you're not annoyed by the dialogue in the first half-hour, you'll probably like this. One thing though, Juliette Lewis is far too pretty to be thoroughly convincing.

Outbreak: I guess it had to be made.  I wish they had ended it by having the virus get out of control.  The last scene should have been the military commander showing the first symptoms of the virus.

Outfoxed: This should be required viewing. It gets a little repetative, but then, so does Fox.

Over the Hedge  Urban sprawl is eating the soul of this nation, and this movie is telling kids it's all OK - we can just co-exist. Ya, well what about the roadkill, and pesticides, and that scourge of suburbia - the completely antiseptic, unnatural and dead "green lawn" (I could go on and on about how I hate the concept of lawns). This movie would have been much better as a full-on tradgedy.

The Oyster FarmerI almost gave up on this movie halfway through. I didn't like any of the characters, and the plot wasn't going anywhere. But, it did get a better in the second half... I'm not sure if I'd recommend it or not. If you want to see a movie about some oyster farmers in rural Australia, learn about their problems, and spice it up with a little crime and sex... maybe it's for you?

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