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E.T.: The Extra-terrestrial: ET go home!  I dunno... I have to admit I liked it. Heck, it's good for what it is.

EdTV: This is the movie that the Truman Show wished it was.

Edward Scissorhands: chop chop! A film that everybody can kind-of like.

Ed Wood: Great performance by Johhny Depp. There were many moments in this movie where I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. Those are precious moments. You just gotta root for Ed!

Electric Dreams: I know I saw this... another of those movies that just wasn't memorable... some kind of computer-romance thing... I think a computer was writing a girl or something, like a cyrano de bergerac (butchered the name - the guy with the long nose) thing???

The Elephant Man: Great movie, very sad. Isn't it amazing how powerful a person's appearance can be?

Endurance: A bunch of hardy polar explorers get in a wee bit of a tough spot, but manage to work things out (after they eat their dogs and such).

Enemy Mine: A well done movie that is less about aliens, and more about human nature.  Can't we all just get along?  This movie shows still more reasons why war is stupid.  I liked the way the characters in the movie changed throughout the story.  The transition is done well, and it all makes sense - they don't just start liking eachother for no reason.

The English Patient: A seriously boring movie.  Nothing frickin happens.  Who cares?

Enter the Dragon: Bruce Lee's big Hollywood movie... and probably his worst.  Who the hell was that stupid looking washed-up surfer turned "karate-man"? This could have been done so much better.  Still, there are a few great moments of classic Bruce.

Erik the Viking: I can't believe that my TV guide (which I'm using as a memory cue) gave this movie 1 star!  what the hell?  It was fun through and through, and totally original.

Escape from Alcatraz: Interesting how low-budget this seems. There's virtually no score and the lighting is really pretty bad. Yet, it does work. I couldn't help thinking if this was made today, how much more they'd make our hearts leap - thinking they were going to get caught again and again and again in an emotional roller-coaster. From that aspect it was a little refreshing. That lack of constant tension made it a bit more real.

Escape From the Planet of the Apes: Damn, which one was this? I know I saw them all...
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: I wish someone could wipe my memory clean, so I could experience this movie for the first time, over and over and over again.

Eyes Wide Shut: A fine although sad end to Stanley Kubrick's career.  I'm sorry that he didn't make more movies, because all of them are really cool and uniquely stylish.  I wish I had seen this on a big screen.  I probably need to see it again in order to understand just what it was "really" about, but as far as I could tell it probed the fine line between thought and action - between fantasy and reality.  Parts of this movie were almost a manifestation of those secret twisted thoughts that we all have.  "she" had the thoughts & "he" acted on them.  I could write more, but I'm afraid I'm out of my league.  See this movie.

Ever After: Drew Barrymore is Cinderella..  spoiler: they all live happily ever after!  If I have to watch a love story on film, I guess this will do.  One thing though...  What does she see in him?  He totally blows her off and she forgives him without even an apology?  come on!  I was expecting a little more Hollywood political correctness from this movie dammit!  All in all, it was a good evening's entertainment... although by some cruel twist of fate, I've now been forced to view this movie (or at least parts of it) about 6 times... enough already!!!!

Evolution: I saw this on a train ride from LA to Seattle... Well, I tried not to see it, but they played it like 5 times with the volume cranked up. Unless you're in a similar situation, don't bother with this. It probably not even worth fast-forwarding though.

Existenz: I was expecting more. Everybody looks like they're on qualudes.

The Exorcist: This is one of the few movies that scared me when I was a kid.  I was afraid that the devil would take over my soul or something.  Of course I laugh about it now.  I guess age destroys our childhood.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye: What a gem... This movie may actually make you feel sorry for Tammy Faye Bakker. After all, behind all that makeup is a real person. There is another side to every story, even if both sides are totally warped.

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