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13 Conversations About 1 Thing: One of those "lots of intertwining short stories" things. It was well done, I especially liked the way the stories took place at different times, although they were shown at the same time (confused? see the movie). Lots of good acting, dialogue, etc... There's no obvious "theme", but it doesn't really matter, the stories are all good enough they don't really need a "theme". I guess the "1 thing" might be, "What makes you happy or fulfilled?"... but that's just a guess.

13th Warrior: The best thing about this movie was blood and guts.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough blood or guts.  There were some fun action-packed scenes, but the whole story was incredibly weak.  They never gave any explanation for almost anything.  Sure, I guess lots of stuff happened in this period which had no explanation, but I found it hard to really believe in this plot.  It would have been a lot better if they were just being attacked by an enemy group of Norsemen or something.  A bear cult? come on!

1776: The Musical: I think I was in 5th grade when I saw this.  It was intended to be an educational experience.  It was better than class, but yes, it's a completely corny movie.

1941: The makers of this movie threw a bunch of "stuff" together and edited it into a movie.  This was universally panned by the critics, but I thought it was watchable.  The plot?  people in LA think that Japan is about to invade the US mainland in the early days of W.W.II.  Much mayhem ensues... Steven Spielberg directing John Belushi?  You already know that it's nuts.

2001: A space Odyssey: duuuuh duuuuuh duuuuuh DA DA!!!  Seems strange that here I am writing this in the year 2000.  So, I guess in one year we'll have manned missions to Jupiter?  This movie was really cool, at least the filming was really cool.  I'm not sure what it all meant though... maybe something about how screwed up man is or something or something else?  Heck, I liked it.

28 Days Later: Humanity is nearly done-in by a bunch of horny assholes who can't go 4 weeks without having sex. Thing is, it looks like most of them never had any luck before the infection, so why are they in such a rush? and don't any of them have any morals? Beside that obvious plot-mover, this was a really neat and stylish movie. The premise may have been "done" many times, but this one does it well!

8MM: Yes, it was well filmed and stylish and all, but the whole "evil porn underworld" thing just didn't phase me much.  Sure, there are some wacked-out people in that biz, but this movie makes them out to be equivalent to drug lords or politicians or something.  Certainly it was tragic, but I didn't think the reaction of the Nicholas Cage character was right for the subject matter... something about his acting - his reaction to the snuff film - just seemed fake.

9.5 Weeks: They have a lot of sex, but it doesn't look like a whole lot of fun.

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