The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

secret-life-of-walter-mittyI just couldn’t decide about this one. It did have a lot of fun moments & scenes… and just a cool vibe. But, as a full story, it didn’t make much sense – it was trying to make a point (about living your dreams, etc), but never actually made it. There was too much that left me scratching my head saying “really?”, but not in a good way. Still, a chunk of the movie was shot in Iceland, and I’m always a sucker for that. So… I’ll have to give it a positive word or two.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

night-at-the-museum-2Ok, I admit it… I watched this. I honestly don’t know why. And as I’m writing this about two years after I saw it… I can’t really remember it. It was the kind of thing where halfway through, I wish I could have turned to myself to say “hey, what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be cleaning the crud out of your toenails or something?”. Ya, I probably should have done that instead.

I suppose the only reason you might want to watch this is if you’re just dying to know what happened the characters after the first movie. Ya…

Night at the Museum

This is like one of those daydreams you have when you’re a kid, and you’re walking through a big city museum… Wouldn’t it be cool if all these characters came to life at night and hung out? Well, those kids grow up, and make movies. Silly, harmless, and just enough fun.

There’s Something About Cameron Diaz

er… Mary. I really wanted to hate this movie since everybody thought it was SO funny. But, despite my most cynical efforts, I didn’t. It was pretty funny. It wasn’t the funniest or best movie I ever saw, but it was worth watching. I didn’t get too much out of the physical humor (like the dog stuff, or the “hair gel”). The characters were just all believable… yet at the same time unbelievable. My favorite had to be Warren. I think what made this movie work best was how nothing was “forgotten” or left hanging. Everything which happened in the movie had something to do with the plot, and it all flowed really well.


The Roya Tenenbaums

Fun movie about a family of characters. Every character in this movie has some serious “issues”… but they’re all so wacky one just has to laugh. Something about this movie reminds me of how sometimes when you fly from Cleveland to Chicago, you have to go through Atlanta – Is that funny or sad?