Edge of Tomorrow

edge-of-tomorrowAs much as I want to hate Tom Cruise… I have to admit he can turn it on when he needs to. Perhaps that’s what makes him so freaky – what exactly is real under there? This movie is smart, brilliantly paced & pieced together, and just fun – I couldn’t wait for each new scene. Sure, the ending was a little odd, but it was a nice wrap-up & made at least as much sense as 99% of all other movies involving time-travel & related phenomenon.

Vanilla Sky

I think I’ve decided that Tom Cruise movies are OK if you don’t see two of them back-to-back. This was a lot better than I thought it would be – lots of interesting direction & scenes that just leave you confused. What if you were trapped in a dream? What if that dream became a nightmare? Ok, so I’ve just ruined the whole “surprise ending”… sorry. I had the good fortune of having no idea what the plot was before I saw this. If you just read this, I guess you won’t be so lucky. This movie was based on an original Spanish Movie (don’t recall the name), I’d like to see the original.


Minority Report

For some reason, this movie reminded me of L.A. Confidential. That’s a good thing though, because both were excellent cop-conspiricy dramas. The concept of this movie was really neat. Although, I considered it more fantasy than sci-fi. I really liked the rich, detailed futuristic cinemetography / set design / environment stuff. It made the movie feel very authentic. It’s really interesting to see how Spielberg’s directorial style has changed with time. It’s still really good, but very different than his earlier style. Nice to see that he doesn’t just repeat his old tricks.



Strange to say, but I think this movie needed to be longer. It was really long, but I think it needed another 20 minutes to really complete the stories. In case you wondered, this is another of those “intertwined lives” movies, a la ‘short cuts’ or ‘pulp fiction’. It was done really well – there was a lot of good acting, and the direction was first rate. I wish I could find better words of praise for this movie… it deserves some. I guess I’m just not sure what it was really about. Perhaps it was just about life & relationships & consequences, but isn’t almost every movie about that? Anyway, if you want to see an inventive, beautiful, smart and long movie, go see this.


Jerry Maguire

You complete me?  Yes I rolled my eyes at that one.  But, nevertheless this was a decent movie.  One major flaw though, Jerry is only able to persuade ONE of his clients to stick with him?  Gimmie a break!  A sports agent is a one-on-one relationship, it doesn’t matter what “company” the agent is working for.   Plus, Jerry would probably have enough money to retire on 5 times over, what the hell is this crap about him teetering on the edge?

Far and Away

I enjoyed it, especially the way it took many wrong turns for the “happy ending” to unfold.  I wasn’t even bothered by Tom Cruise.
Farenelli: What happens to those vienna boys when they grow up without their hormones attached?  This is a story of one of them.  He’s loved for his voice, but has trouble being happy because… well… you know.  What a bum deal.  Anyway, the singing was done by two singers – a man and a woman who’s voices were “morphed” together.  The result is rather bizarre, but I think it fits the character.  Farenelli was bizarre. It doesn’t matter if the voice sounds fake, I think it fits even better because of it.

Eyes Wide Shut

A fine although sad end to Stanley Kubrick’s career.  I’m sorry that he didn’t make more movies, because all of them are really cool and uniquely stylish.  I wish I had seen this on a big screen.  I probably need to see it again in order to understand just what it was “really” about, but as far as I could tell it probed the fine line between thought and action – between fantasy and reality.  Parts of this movie were almost a manifestation of those secret twisted thoughts that we all have.  “she” had the thoughts & “he” acted on them.  I could write more, but I’m afraid I’m out of my league.  See this movie.