Edge of Tomorrow

edge-of-tomorrowAs much as I want to hate Tom Cruise… I have to admit he can turn it on when he needs to. Perhaps that’s what makes him so freaky – what exactly is real under there? This movie is smart, brilliantly paced & pieced together, and just fun – I couldn’t wait for each new scene. Sure, the ending was a little odd, but it was a nice wrap-up & made at least as much sense as 99% of all other movies involving time-travel & related phenomenon.

Vertical Limit

This is how it goes: The characters get themselves in trouble. Then, something happens to make the situation worse, then something else happens to make the situation unbelievably hopeless, then, just when you think it’s going to be ok, the outlook gets seriously bleak indeed. Finally, out of nowhere, the whole situation resolves itself in an instant. If this is the new action movie formula, we’re all in for a big boring spell at the movies. Bring your umbrella, because it rains pretty hard during this one.



I had really expected this to be a good movie, it was entertaining, but I’d hesitate to call it good. It was really predictable & overplayed the tension – like the actor’s tension was more important than what was going on in the movie… I guess that means I think it was overacted? I dunno. If you want to see a good WWII submarine movie, see Das Boot.


A Simple Plan

Nothing’s ever that simple. Billy Bob Thorton does a great “dimwit”. I loved the “what do I get?” scene. I didn’t understand why the main character didn’t just move to a better, bigger town though. He could probably get a pretty decent job somewhere and do just fine. It’s not like he didn’t want to move in the first place, that was even part of his “simple” plan.