1408No, this isn’t a documentary about the pivotal events of the year 1408. It’s a supernatural horror flick. I don’t see a lot of these, and while they’re not really my favorite genre, this one was OK. I only rolled my eyes at the silliness of the thing a few times.


The slow pace of this movie just about made me scream. Ok, I understand that some movies have an intentionally slow pace for effect, but this movie didn’t need it. For example, there’s a 5 minute scene where Bruce Willis figures out he can lift more weight than he thought. It just didn’t need to be so damn long. I dunno, maybe I’m just an impatient media glutton.



I was hoping this movie would be one of those hidden gems that everyone dismissed for the wrong reasons. It wasn’t. It was indeed pretty dumb. It did have a few good moments (the fact that the report was just ‘made up’), but it had way too many stupid moments (sea snakes at 1000ft? that was just silly). It also bothered me how unaffected the characters were about their fellow crewmates’ problems. In the end though, the premise allowed anything to be believable. I would be hard-pressed to recommend Sphere to anyone. It’s a good movie to watch while you’re busy doing something else… like playing cards or painting your didgeridoo.