1408No, this isn’t a documentary about the pivotal events of the year 1408. It’s a supernatural horror flick. I don’t see a lot of these, and while they’re not really my favorite genre, this one was OK. I only rolled my eyes at the silliness of the thing a few times.

Love & Mercy

love-and-mercyWhat a pleasant surprise. This is the crazy story of the brains behind the Beach Boys – Brian Wilson. And it’s Brian’s brain at the center of the story. It’s hard to tell the story of a genius slipping into madness without overdoing it. This movie takes an inventive approach – alternating between different parts of Brian Wilson’s life, using two different actors to portray him. Both actors do a great job, but Paul Dano especially nails the subtle special weirdness. If you want to see a story of genius, madness, despair and redemption… check it out.

And a bonus: you might just find a new appreciation for the Beach Boys music.


As someone who despised “Independence Day” as much as I did, you might think I’d loathe this just as much. No way! This movie was so preposterous, it went all the way past horrible and round back to fun. So much of everything was done/destroyed/tried in this movie, so many cliches, so much bad dialogue… there is simply no way to top it.