Dark Shadows

Having never watched the old Dark Shadows TV show, I can only take this movie at its face value. It was at its best when it focused on the characters… and at those times, it was fine. But, when it delved into big hollywood action? It just didn’t seem to fit. Perhaps it would have been better to just mock the action it was trying to portray – like having part of the set fall over or something.. you know, break that 4th wall?

Also, the end was just silly – the girl is a werewolf? It’s just needless over-the-top idiocy that detracts from the rest of it. I mean, I realize the whole endeavor was supposed to be silly… but that bit just didn’t make sense. The character didn’t need to be a werewolf; it completely changed the movie.

But, it had its moments, and for that, it’s worth watching if you’re into this sort of thing.

Benny and Joon

I kind of liked Johnny Depp’s little “antics” in this movie, but the rest of it didn’t really mean much to me.  Can two different types of weirdos find love simply due to the fact that they’re both unusual?  I don’t know maybe it could work with these two.  It seemed that “Johnny” was the only person that Joon wouldn’t “co crazy” on, and Joon was the only person that accepted “Johnny” as a real person.


One of those movies that I rented simply because of the hype – wasn’t expecting much. It was wonderful movie – everything I secretly hoped it would be. In a way, it was like a modern-day fairy tale. One of those movies that puts you in a good mood without resorting to the usual predictable “hollywood tactics”. btw: I had thought this was a French movie, but it is in English… just set in France. I did have one question though, did they really have cellophane wrapping in 1950’s rural France? I would think the shop would be more likely to use paper wrappings…

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

A couple guys go to Las Vegas, do tons of drugs, trash hotel rooms, get in and out of trouble, and leave.  If this sounds cool, then you’ll like this movie.  I can’t imagine that a movie with this plot and script could have been done any better.  It’s based on a book which I never read, so I can’t compare it to anything.  it was a nice escape for a little while… now I feel like I don’t have to ‘do way too many drugs and go to Las Vegas’, I can just watch this movie instead.