The Book Thief

the-book-thiefThis one starts light, gets dark, then darker… and darker still. And all the while, you’re thinking it’s about to turn around and give you a happy ending. Well, life doesn’t have a happy ending I suppose (spoiler: we all die). And this movie drives that home pretty thoroughly.

Still, if you manage to look past the dreary outcome, there’s a lot of love and life among the gloom. Life’s not all bad… right?

War Horse

This is about as you’d expect… right down to the ultra-earnest warble of the lead character. Mostly, the movie sticks to the good-hearted, aw-shucks kind of themes… but now and then, it does veer into the real ugliness of war. Of course, you can guess the ending before you even sit down to watch it. So, is it good? Worth watching? you probably already know what this movie is like, so if you like that kind of thing… you’ll like it. If you think it’s going to be too sappy for your tastes, you’re probably right too.