snowpiercerWow was this stupid. I watched it the recommendation of various reviews, but apparently this is one of those movies that you either love or hate. I hated it… or at least didn’t like it too much. Even if you see the whole movie as some kind of metaphor, the facts of the movie make no sense… and I just can’t get past that. Who is maintaining this giant train track? Why can’t they just run the engines & not actually travel anywhere? and on and on… Sure, there was some kind of story buried underneath this mess, and a couple fun performances… but that really couldn’t save it.


This movie spirals in on itself so much that it’s difficult to figure out just what your watching. See a movie unfold as it’s created… but then, it’s all just a script with actors, isn’t it? Truly an original. The ending was perfectly woven into the movie too – as the writer runs out of ideas, he turns to his dorky brother and we get car chases & drugs & alligators eating people.

Burn After Reading

How many times have you seen a movie about some caper and the plot just gets deeper and deeper until there’s a conspiracy for someone to take over the world? Well, this movie is the opposite of that. A bunch of fools stealing something that just isn’t that valuable… A guy who thinks he’s way more important than he is… you get it. Twisted hilarity ensues.