snowpiercerWow was this stupid. I watched it the recommendation of various reviews, but apparently this is one of those movies that you either love or hate. I hated it… or at least didn’t like it too much. Even if you see the whole movie as some kind of metaphor, the facts of the movie make no sense… and I just can’t get past that. Who is maintaining this giant train track? Why can’t they just run the engines & not actually travel anywhere? and on and on… Sure, there was some kind of story buried underneath this mess, and a couple fun performances… but that really couldn’t save it.

Fantastic Four

fantastic-fourA nice, tidy little superhero movie. They have their super powers, super personalities, super drama, and super finale. I do like these kinds of movies, but all the same, they get a little tiring after a while, and all kind of mush together. It’s hard to remember which one is which.

The Avengers

the-avengersWhile this was a fun romp, with lots of eye candy… I just couldn’t get past the giant hovering airship thing. The physics on that thing simply don’t add up. The amount of fuel & power you’d need to keep that think aloft would make it totally unmanageable. It’s totally fine to have gods from another planet surfing rainbows to earth. I can accept that, it’s movie fantasy. But, to claim that something like that airship can fly without magic or some kind of extraterrestrial anti-gravity gizmo is insulting.