The Boxtrolls

the-boxtrollsThe latest fun effort from Laika studios. The characters & plot were all refreshingly unique, and I loved the “character” of the setting – one of these ancient, brick-laden, hilly European cities that exist more in imagination than reality. It was wonderful to see some vivid imagination brought to life.

I Shot Andy Worhol

That’s one wacko lady. This is the true story of the woman who shot Andy Warhol (didn’t kill him though, just screwed him up a bit). Why did she do it? Well, it’s more complicated that I can even understand. I guess she needed to feel connected with him again, maybe she was just pissed at him for cutting her out. In any event, this movie is a good study of a disturbed individual. Seeing this movie is a lot like having a conversation with that crazy old lady on the sidewalk who talks to the traffic lights… Remember, she used to be younger and a bit more sane.