The Boxtrolls

the-boxtrollsThe latest fun effort from Laika studios. The characters & plot were all refreshingly unique, and I loved the “character” of the setting – one of these ancient, brick-laden, hilly European cities that exist more in imagination than reality. It was wonderful to see some vivid imagination brought to life.


I just couldn’t relate to the characters in this… I mean, I didn’t really like them. And as a result, the slow pace was just difficult to endure. I’m sure they came to some profound conclusion on the nature of humanity, but I couldn’t get there with them. I ended up just forwarding through large sections of this, as I had better things to do. Does that mean I’m not qualified to write this review. I’m not that strict.


This was a neat movie. I really liked the way they portrayed the alien life form. Sure, the whole “she has to mate” thing was a little silly, but in general it was all well done. I especially liked the brief scene where they create a “pure” alien – it was completely wild and out-of-control, just like you might not expect.