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Pacific Crest Trail
It was quite a trip. It's really hard to give any brief description of what hiking the PCT is like. Before I left, I had done all kinds of research and preparation, but I was still continuously surprised and amazed by the reality of the trail. I suppose that means I can't truly explain what it was like... but I'd like to try!

My PCT Experience
Photos and Journal from my hike.

PCT Alternate Route - Glacier Peak Wilderness
Downloadable, printable maps to bypass the Suiattle River bridge north of Glacier Peak (shorter and more scenic than the "official" alternate).

Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the trail? Where did you get your food? etc...

Poison Oak Page
Pictures of Poison Oak

A list of things I used on my hike

A simple map of the PCT, and an elevation-change graph

PCT on Topo
Download a .zip file of .tpo files for the PCT, plus some hot spring info for fun. For use with the NGS TOPO! map series.

PCT Links
Resources elsewhere on the web


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