Far From the Madding Crowd

far-from-the-madding-crowdI wasn’t sure if this was a serious film, or “Romance novel brought to the screen”. There was a lot of nice filmwork, and pretty good acting. But the overall plot was a bit too much, and some of the perfect scenes (like the ending complete with golden sunrise/set – seriously?) were too much too.

So, what happens? Well, it’s 1870 England, and a free-spirited woman finds herself the inheritor of an estate, and the object of marriage proposals from 3 men she hardly knows. Of course, she picks the worst of the three, and therein lies the drama. The way out? Guy 2 kills guy 3, and that leaves guy #1 the only left available… and leaves us with a perfect happy ending. Blech.

Dirty Filthy Love

This started off really lame, but got better and better as it went & the characters grew and took shape. By the end, it almost seemed like a different movie. Just have patience with this one if you see it. It’s about obsessive compulsive disorder by the way, and just when you think it’s fluffy and light-hearted drivel, it takes a more serious turn in tone.