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Continental Divide Trail
The continental divide separates the Atlantic and Pacific watersheds in the US. The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) closely follows this natural divide, through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. I hiked the length of the trail, from the border of Canada to the border of Mexico during the summer of 2001.

My CDT Experience
Photos and Journal from my hike.

My CDT Maps
I've mapped the CDT and put it on a CD-ROM.

CDT Overview Maps
See where the individual CDT maps are located... overlaid on google maps (a work in progress).

CDT on Google Earth
See the CDT drawn on Google Earth.

Frequently Asked Questions
About the CDT, my hike, and this web site

A list of things I used on my hike

The Bear Page
Information and opinions about grizzly and black bears

CDT Links
CDT resources elsewhere on the web

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