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June 2005: A hike up the Cast Creek Trail to the East Zigzag Mountain lookout site.

Winter Wren
Most of the route up the Cast Creek trail is heavily forested. This Winter Wren alerted its nearby fledgling chicks to my presence as I hiked up the trail to Zigzag Mtn.
Rough-Skinned Newt
I found this Rough-Skinned Newt along the trail. It moved very slowly along the cool wet forest floor.
This Phlox near the summit of Zigzag Mtn. was just starting to bloom.
I brought a rather heavy pack on this trip, to help condition myself for an upcoming climb of Mt. Rainier. Along the way I had yet another spectator, watching from the safety of a nearby tree, and probably wondering what I was doing with so much stuff on my back.
Hood Behind the Clouds
Zigzag Mtn. is located just south of Mt. Hood. The views were a bit obscured by clouds on this day. There was once a fire lookout on East Zigzag Mtn, but it has been removed.
Itsy Bitsy
This spider caught and devoured a tiny fly while I stopped to take a photo. The small black ball near its mouth is all thats left of the recent meal.

Where is it?

Zigzag Mtn. is located just south of Mt. Hood. There are a number of trails to the top, which connect with all the other trails in the Mt. Hood trail system. The summits of both East and West Zigzag Mtn. make good destinations.

Before you go...
You'll need a NW forest pass to park at any of the many trailheads below Zigzag Mtn.

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