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July 2006: Vk, and areas nearby

The town of Vk is on the southern Iceland coast. Like most towns in Iceland, Vk features a neatly painted church. The population of Vk is somewhere around 500. In the height of the summer, that easily doubles just with the people staying in the very nice campground. Another famous landmark in Vk is the group of rock pillars just off shore. As with every pillar of rock in Iceland, these are said to be trolls who had the misfortune of being caught out in the sun.
Vk Beach
The beach at Vk is made of black volcanic sands. A memorial to some Germans is nearby... I'm not sure exactly what happened to the Germans since the memorial was in German.
Sunset is a lengthy period of time in the height of summer. This photo was taken around 11pm.
Dyrhlaey Lighthouse
A few miles away from Vk, a lighthouse keeps watch over the rocky tip of Dyrhlaey.
Dyrhlaey Farm
This farm near Dyrhlaey is nestled between the sea and the glacial ice cap of Mrdalsjkull.
Dyrhlaey Beach
A thin mist of wind-blown sea spray hovers over the black sandy beach west of Dyrhlaey. The beach continues uninterrupted for as far as the eye can see.

Where is it?

Vk is located very near the southern tip of Iceland, right on the ring road.

Before you go...
There is a full range of services in Vk. As with many Icelandic towns, you don't really need to plan much in advance unless you want to get a hotel room.

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