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Trail Work

October 2007: A work party with the WTA

It had been far too long since I spent a day digging in the mud for the benefit of my fellow outdoor wanderers. So, I signed up with Washington Trails Assn - www.wta.org. We first did some introductions (and reunions), learned a bit about what we'd be doing, and headed on our way up the trail.
Real Work
Real work is when you move something. When you dig. When you scrape, pull, build and get dirty. Satisfaction comes from realizing the immediate tangibility and practicality of your creation.
You Dig?
On this day, we were working on the McClellan Butte trail, not far from Seattle. The section that we worked on would go by in a few seconds of someone's passing. But all those little efforts eventually add-up to a significant improvement to the overall quality of the trail.
Trail tools come in all shapes and sizes, but the basic concept is consistantly simple - leverage...
Three Rules
Be safe, have fun, and get some work done.
Nothing happens by magic - only by force.

Where is it?

Organizations sponsor volunteer trail maintenance outings all over the country - wherever there are trails. Check with a local hiking club or group for more information. If you live in Washington, the Washington Trails Association is one of the best anywhere. Visit their web site here.

Before you go...
Bring long pants, sturdy boots, gloves, and a great attitude!

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