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Teacup Lake

January 2006: Cross-country skiing at Teacup Lake.

Warming House
Teacup Lake is a cross country ski area located just east of Mt. Hood in Oregon. The trail system is maintained by the Teacup Lake Nordic Club, and financed by donations from people who use the facilities. This warming house is an exciting new addition for the 2005-2006 season!
Trail Sign
There are 20km of well-marked, groomed trails at Teacup Lake for all skill levels of traditional/nordic and skate-skiers.
Grooming the Trail
The trails are groomed every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday when there is snow... provided there are enough donations. That's usually not a problem due to the popularity of the area, and the good nature of the skiing community.
Teacup Lake Trails
The Teacup Lake area is located in the Mt. Hood National Forest.
Icy Tree
The winter mountain vistas are all around.
Mt. Hood from Teacup Lake
When the weather clears just a bit, Mt. Hood provides a picturesque backdrop.

Where is it?

Teacup Lake is located on the east side of Hwy 35, a couple miles before the Mt. Hood Meadows turnoff. Parking is along the side of Hwy 35.

Before you go...
Bring chains for the drive up Hwy 35. Although, you shouldn't need them unless conditions are bad. It's a fairly straight and flat road. The most hazardous part of the drive is usually other drivers who don't know how to drive in the snow (i.e. going way too fast for conditions). Bring $5 for each person, and make a donation in the box provided near the warming house.

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