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July 2006: Seeing the sights of Skógar

Skógar Folk Museum
Skógar is an area near the end of the river Skógar and the beach Skógasandur. There isn't really a town at Skógar, but there is a hotel, a famous waterfall, and a nice folk museum with houses from many different periods of Icelandic history.
The famous Skógafoss tumbles down from the glacial highlands. Skógafoss is a very popular tourist destination, but what most of the tourists don't realize is that these falls are just the last in a series of amazing waterfalls that tumble through the canyon further upstream.
Skógar Turf House
This turf house was one of the older styles. Since there are no real trees in Iceland, much of the construction techniques had to rely on driftwood, shipwrecks, and here, rocks and soil.
Old Church at Skógar
This is the inside of the small church at Skógar.

Where is it?

Skógar is on the southern coast of Iceland. It's hard to miss.

Before you go...
There's a decent campground at Skógafoss (no showers in 2006, but they were adding-on to the bathrooms, so who knows?). It's best to visit the folk museum before the tour busses arrive, or you're likely to get trapped inside a tiny building as one after another after another German tourist floods in, blocking the exit (like what happened to me!).

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