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Reykjanes Peninsula

July 2006: Exploring the Reykjanes Peninsula

Reykjanes Lighthouse
The Reykjanes Peninsula is the home of the main Icelandic airport at Keflavik, and within a short drive of Reykjavk. As such, the area is visited by a lot of people who are spending only a short time in Iceland. This lighthouse is visible through the mist from a nearby steaming thermally active area.
Geothermal Steam
The steam was so thick it was difficult to see the bubbling mud. The trouble was there were few signs or guide lines to keep you "on track", so it might have been possible to fall into the bubbling mud - not an experience you want to have.
Throughout Iceland, tourists would inevitably stick their fingers in the scalding hot water... apparently just to get some verification... They'd then yank them out and shake them off - making a face that's internationally translated as "Yowsa!". Yes, that steam means the water is HOT! Reading the sign was good enough for me.
Bla Lni
The Blue Lagoon (or Bla Lni in Icelandic) is one of Iceland's more famous attractions. The facility is state-of-the-art, and the setting is picturesque. However, add in hordes of flabby tourists yelling things like "I don't need to sun myself here, I get plenty of that on the Jersey shore...", think about all the gunk you can't see under the water, and realize that the whole lagoon is really just the outlet pool of a nearby geothermal plant, and the place loses some of the appeal. Still, it's worth a visit... but perhaps the middle of winter, or the first minutes of the morning would be the best time.

Where is it?

The Reykjanes Peninsula is the area south of the Keflavik airport.

Before you go...
We explored this area as the last thing to do in Iceland before catching the plane back home. That seemed like a pretty good strategy. There are many more dramatic areas of Iceland, but if you only have time for a day in the country, it'll give you a taste of what Iceland has to offer.

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