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Newport, OR

February 2009: An early morning visit to the Newport Marina

Ready and Waiting
The marina is filled with boats of all shapes and sizes, for all purposes.
Some impromptu art decorates a pillar in the marina.
Colors and Lines
The morning stillness and light accentuates the colors and character of the scene... with emphasis added in post-production.
The peeling paint on a buoy makes it almost seem alive.
Newport, OR
The boats proudly display their home port on the rear.
Some netting hangs in wait - a complex pattern of lines, knots and floats.
A rope and its shadow present a small puzzle.
The harbor
Newport marina in the morning below the arching Yaquina Bay Bridge.

Where is it?

Newport, Oregon is located on the central Oregon coast

Before you go...
Newport has a lot to offer, from the historic and picturesque marina, to a great aquairium, to spectacular coastal views.

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