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July 2006: A visit to Námafjall

Námafjall Pool
Námafjall is a geothermically active area in the northeast of Iceland. The area is populated with bubbling mud pools, steaming fumeroles, and colorful parched earth.
Thin Crust
Plant life can't grow in the harsh soil at Námafjall. Layers of mineral salts slowly build a crust over the more active areas. Distant hulking mountains provide a backdrop that gives some sense of scale to the landscape.
The Earth Exhales
Stiff winds carry away the steam from this vent. Iceland sits on the mid-Atlantic rift, where the North American and European plates are drifting apart. This literally rips open a wound in the earth. In a sense, Iceland is made of the earth's scar tissue.
Bloop, bloop, bloop...
Námafjall is near the active volcanic area of Krafla. Krafla has experienced many volcanic eruptions, most recently in the 1980s. A geothermal plant is also located nearby.
In Full Color
The rich splashes of color at Námafjall make endless beautiful works of art.

Where is it?

Námafjall is located just a few kilometers east of the lake Mývatn, along part of the ring road - hwy 1.

Before you go...
There is no admission fee, nor hours of operation at Námafjall. The best time to visit is probably the early morning - before the tour busses arrive.

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