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July 2006: Exploring Mıvatn.

View of Mıvatn
Mıvatn is a cold shallow lake in the north of Iceland. It's surrounded by a number of natural points of interest, making it a popular destination area for lots of tourists. The lake is dotted with numerous volcanic islands and formations.
Mıvatn Columns
These volcanic columns are located on the western shore of Mıvatn.
A Passing Storm Over Mıvatn
The sun and clouds make for an interesting contrast on the south shore of Mıvatn. The name Mıvatn means "Midge Water" or "Midge Lake". Midges are tiny flies that can swarm on warm summer days. They rarely bite, but fly into your nose, eyes, ears and mouth - making outdoor activities utterly intolerable unless you wear a headnet (which works quite well). Luckily, the wind often keeps them away.
Forest Path
There are a number of things to do near Mıvatn - a lot of short hikes, visits to Námafjall, Krafla, and a large natural hot pool just up the road. This photo is of a small forested area on the western shore. A number of hiking paths lead through the spindly trees. It's a refreshing change of view, and a great place to get out of the wind!

Where is it?

Mıvatn is located in the north of Iceland - look on any map and you can't miss it.

Before you go...
There is a fairly good store at the town of Reykjahliğ on the northeast shore, and a few campgrounds (the largest one is near the store).

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