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Mesquite Flats Dunes

April 2006: A stroll across the dunes

Through the Sands
Mesquite Flats are the most accessible of the many areas of sand dunes in Death Valley.
Cracked Earth
Between the dunes, bits of baked earth are exposed.
Mesquite Flats Dunes
These dunes are surrounded by high mountain ranges, and are located in a place where the wind swirls, and deposits its load of sand. The dunes do reform and reshape, but don't move any distance.
Ripples and Clouds
The evening light can make apparent some interesting patterns in sand.
Dune Ridgeline
It takes about an hour to walk from the road to the top of the highest dune.
It can get rather windy at the dunes - sometimes causing near white-out conditions. It can also get extremely hot.
Evening Dunes
The morning and evening light can make dramatic patterns on the sand.

Where is it?

Mesquite Flat dunes are located near Stovepipe Wells, in the center of Death Valley.

Before you go...
Use some common sense, and be aware of your limitations with respect to the heat, wind, and time of day.

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