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Hoh Rainforest

A morning visit to the Hoh Rainforest

Clear Green
Pure ripples and waves of liquid goodness pulsate in a small stream feeding the Hoh river.
Moss-laden maples stand on display for the humans, who under other circumstances would not be so benign. These trees are a rare few winning the war of wills.
Dawn Breaks
Rays of morning sun break through the morning mist in the Hoh rainforest.
And on and on it goes... the complex melody of the winter wren. Pound for pound, the most vociferous creature of the forest.
Small Scales
Everywhere you look in a place like this - up, down, in, out - life is telling stories.
In another place, it would be assumed un-natural... perhaps cultivated by a little old man with too much time on his hands. Here, it simply is.
Elk appear to be interminably itchy. This one was shedding needles of fur with each twitch of its side quarters. It appeared to wish for nothing more than a stiff wire brush, and perhaps an eager stable boy.

Where is it?

The Hoh Rainforest is located in the western part of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, between the Olympic mountain range and the Pacific Ocean.

Before you go...
Be sure that the road is open. Early morning is a great time to visit... the birds and animals are more active, the light is prettier, and there are fewer people. There are a couple short loop trails at the end of the road. This same area is also the gateway to Mt. Olympus...

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