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University of Oregon Athletics

February 2008: The Ducks take on the Cougars

Mac Court
McArthur court was built in 1926. The place has a vibe that just can't be found in today's cold modern stadiums. When the action is tight, the place rocks! Sadly, its due to be replaced soon... so if you want to witness a part of history, better hurry!
Big Things...
Tajuan Porter takes it up the court.
The Pit Crew
Oregon's student section is right on top of the action.
That's O for Oregon...
The Duck
Oregon's mascot was modeled after Donald Duck, but everyone just calls him "the duck". Don't mess with the duck - he a bit unstable!
To the Hoop
The Ducks fought hard and the score was close until the end. But, the Washington State Cougars prevailed - 63-52.

Where is it?

The University of Oregon is located in Eugene, OR - about a 2 hour drive south from Portland.

Before you go...
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