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The Deschutes River

April 2009: A morning walk along the Deschutes River near Bend, OR

Still Water Sunrise
The morning glow of the sun lights the sky above the Deschutes River.
A thin forest of Ponderosa Pine frames the banks of the churning Deschutes River.
Feed Me!
This family American Dippers (also called Water Ouzels) makes breakfast with the abundant insect larvae living just below the water's surface.
This section of the Deschutes River sloshes violently... almost tempting a bold individual to run its course.

Where is it?

The Deschutes River flows north along the eastern flanks of the Cascade Range in Oregon. It's the major drainage for the eastern slope of the Oregon Cascades.

Before you go...
Conditions along the Deschutes river vary wildly from season to season and along the course of the river. The river flows through forests, deserts, towns, and even a large dammed lake.

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