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Civil War!

May 1862: The Battle for Lebanon, in the new state of Oregon

The Battle is Engaged
As the misty morning rains cleared, a battalion of the Confederate army marched into view. A contingent of Union soldiers looked over the battlefield with dread, calculating the odds were not in their favor.
The Yankees put up a strong defense. Thundering cannons tore holes in the Rebel lines. But as the battlefield shrank, the heavy artillery and their captains became sitting ducks. This cannon fell silent after its commander was fatally struck.
Get those Yanks!
The Rebels fired relentlessly, leaving the green field littered with blue uniforms and stained with red blood.
Rebel soldiers advanced over the Union positions.
In Command
The Confederate commanders kept their rag-tag troops in-line - racing around the flanks, evaluating the situation, and issuing new commands.
As the battle drew to a close, the soldiers assessed the status of their fallen enemies. Some modicum of respect was dispensed
Medicine Men
Back at the Union hospital, chaos ensued. The doctors were quickly overwhelmed with gruesome casualties. With too few doctors or chaplins in attendance, men lay scattered about suffering the pangs of death - too often left to fate. As the heat of the day grew, so did the stench of rotting flesh. In the evening, the chorus of screams and moans were trumped by the dull rattle of the amputator's saw.
In Camp, at Peace
At the Rebel camp, a much lighter spirit was present. Some families joined the men in their tents, so the soldiers could remember for why they fought. All knew this battle would not be their last... but for the moment, they enjoyed the illusion of peace.

Where is it?

The Civil War is actively engaged throughout this shattered Country.

Before you go...
Get right with your family and your maker. Any day might be your last.

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