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Various times & places: Cats I've had the pleasure to know...

Nova was a dear friend. I had the pleasure of knowing her for about 5 years. When we first met, she was a little kitten about the same size as my hand. We shared a couple houses in San Jose, then she moved with me up to Seattle. She was a small and tough cat, but had a real affectionate streak. When I came home from work, she would come racing inside just to say hello, not asking for more than a scratch on the neck.One day I went on a trip, and Nova went to stay with someone else... but she didn't remain there long. She ran off to find other adventures. I often feel quite guilty about Nova - the last time I saw her, she was very upset. She tried to follow me out the door, and I had to shut it on her while she was meowing for me. She was such an excellent cat - I can't think of anything more I could ask of a companion. I have to hope that she's still bringing love into someone's home. If you happen to meet a black cat, about 12 years old (as of 2006), who's missing her two "upper fangs", and possibly living in the Federal Way, WA area, say hello for me!
Vinny Taking a Break
I first met Vinny in 2002. He's lived his whole life in Hillsboro, but has taken some vacations throughout the northwest US from time to time. Here, Vinny is busy with one of his favorite activities - resting on a blanket. Some of Vinny's other passions include playing with his toys, getting brushed, getting tummy massages, shoelaces, licking the shower curtain, chasing lights on the walls, laying in front of a fire, sitting way up high, and of course - eating breakfast.
My Name is Vinny
Vinny is part Manx, so he doesn't need a tail. Tails just get in the way anyway, and don't really do anything useful... so Vinny thinks he's pretty lucky.
Dreaming of Breakfast...
This is another photo of Vinny. The color in this photo is partially de-saturated (Vinny isn't as grey as he looks here). In the future, Vinny hopes to learn more about the world around him, eat some grass, and watch more birds.
This is Max. Max lived in Seattle. He was an independent spirit, and loved to travel near and far. But, he always knew the way home - and what a great home he had. He was a smart cat, and even trained his human friends to open the door if he knocked on the window (a trick he tought to his rambunctious roommate Mori - see below). Sadly, Max isn't with us anymore. But his spirit will always be alive in the hearts of those who loved him.
Mori and a Door
Mori started off life as Max's younger roommate and protege. When he was young, Mori just couldn't get enough of his idol Max - he would run up to Max and give him a big hug, and another and another and another... Luckily, Max took it all in stride.
Something has Mori's Attention
Eventually, Mori grew up a bit, and let his own unique personality shine through. Mori likes to stick close to his home to keep tabs on what's going on, and isn't intimidated by anything or anyone.
Curled-up Mori
Mori is a very tolerant cat. His human companions often pick him up, stroke his fur, rub his belly, and scratch his ears. But, he doesn't seem to mind... and might even enjoy all the fuss.
Christmas Mama
Mama has origins that pre-date reality TV, the world wide web, and Phlumf itself. She's outlasted 3 presidents, 2 stock market crashes, and most other cats. In this photo, she's 22 years old.
Mama was once a real Mama, and had a bunch of kittens.
Boo-Boo grew up in Beaverton, OR, but now calls Corvallis, OR his home. Boo-boo is a robust individual who likes to take it easy.
Boo-boo Hanging Out
Recently, Boo-boo caught a mouse. It was quite an experience - his human companion was really excited to have some help keeping the house in order.

Where is it?

Cats are all around us - having smartly adapted to a lifestyle where their needs are looked after, and their responsibilities are few.

Before you go...
Prepare for a face full of purrrrrrrr.

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Karen Ley
We have photos of our cats, June and Cleo but I don't think any of them are digital. We miss them very much!
Wed Nov 28 17:42:50 2007

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