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Catherine Creek and Surrounding Area

March 2008: Exploring the Coyote Wall area - About a mile west of Catherine Creek

Olsynium Douglasii
Fields of Grass Widows are among the first harbingers of spring in the eastern part of the Columbia River Gorge.
Fritillaria Pudica
This Yellow Bell was only a few inches high - a tiny simple beautiful sculpture.
Western Meadowlark
One of the most enjoyable things of visiting this area in the springtime isn't the abundance of flowers or the expansive dramatic views. It's the sweet fluid song of the Western Meadowlark. This one is singing its heart out from the top of an oak tree.
Lomatium Grayi
This Gray's Desert Parsley adds a bit of color to the landscape.
A couple mountain bikers huff and puff their way up Coyote Wall. Mt. Hood rises in the distance.
Forest Dreams
The trail winds through a small patch of forest above the area nicknamed "The Labyrinth".
Lithophragma Glabra
A Smooth Prairie Star finds a niche.

May 2004: A short stroll up Catherine Creek

Cabin Wall
An old cabin was slowly decaying in the peaceful valley of Catherine Creek. (Update: This cabin has now collapsed... and continuing to decay)
Catherine Creek Road
I didn't have a lot of time to spend at Catherine Creek on this day. But it was quality time.
The first rays of sun lit up this Brodiaea.
Still Waters
A short paved path leads from the trailhead area toward the Columbia River. This is a view over the river to the Oregon side.

Where is it?

Catherine Creek is a few miles east of Bingen, WA - in the eastern part of the Columbia River Gorge. The area sometimes called Coyote Wall and The Labyrinth is about a mile west of the Catherine Creek trailhead area.

Before you go...
The area is open to mountain bikes, so expect to see them. The area is most dramatic in the spring - from early March to late April - when a succession of flowers bloom along the open hillsides.

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