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These high-resolution wallpaper images are free to download an use on your personal desktop. The images are copyrighted however, so do not re-sell or re-post, or re-distribute, or print them... lest you incur my wrath.

You'll have to refer to your computer's operating system for advice on how to download, save and install the images. It's really not that hard - basically, just right-click on the image and select "save target link as...", then go to your computer's control panel to select the new wallpaper.

You should pick a wallpaper that matches the screen resolution that you're using. Otherwise, the image will either have to be stretched to fit your screen, or black bars will show on the top, bottom or sides.

1600 x 1200 Resolution


1920 x 1200 Resolution

2560 x 1600 Resolution


Home - Photos - Travel - Movies - More