| Photography by Jonathan Ley | Rapa Nui

More commonly known as Easter Island or Isla de Pascua, Rapa Nui (the local name for the island) is the most remote civilized place on earth. The history of the island and the people who lived there is equal parts fascinating and tragic. Many are familiar with the famous Moai - the giant monolithic statues - but there is so much more to the place. While most of the mysteries of Rapa Nui have been studied and understood, the mystical nature of the place will remain forever.
Hanga Roa Cemetery
Morning at Tongariki
Watching Over
Writing on the Rock
Afternoon at Tahai
Anakena Beach
His Name was Paro
Standing Tall at Tongariki
Top Knots
Hanga Roa
Sunset at Tahai
Common Diuca-finch
Chimango Caracara
Great Frigatebird
Chilean Tinamou
Rano Raraku
Work in Progress
More Moai than Men?
Red-tailed Tropicbird
Rise of the Birdman
Rano Kau
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