Star Wars: What’s next… I hope.

the-force-awakensI’m not a total Star Wars nerd, but I was a kid when the first three movies came out… and they’re just a part of my DNA. They were what a kid wants all movies to be: Explorations of fantastic places that exist only in our imaginations, yet complete enough to seem somehow real. The three prequels weren’t great as movies, but they did add to the “universe & mythology of Star Wars”– just this idea there could be a galactic republic, what would that look like, how it would work, etc. Of course, you need a story to keep the viewer engaged… and they were considerably lacking on that front.

So, now everyone is buzzing about “Episode 7”. I thought it was fun, and a welcome departure from the prequels. There are a few things I might have wished were different (can we think of a different super-weapon, please? This is like the 3rd death star the rebels have blown-up), but I couldn’t complain too much – there was a lot more I liked with “The Force Awakens” than I disliked.

Now, I can’t help but look forward to Episodes 8-9, and wonder how it might play-out. So, here’s my outline:

Luke’s quest to find the ancient Jedi temples made him realize something – the entire history of The Force has been a constant struggle of light vs. dark, with incredibly destructive to everyone else. Think of all the millions who’ve died in the crossfire due to conflicts between Sith and Jedi. The Force always tries to achieve balance, so when one side gets too strong, the other brings it down. This same thing happened when he tried to resurrect the Jedi order – he lost his star pupil to the Dark Side. He may even shows Rey evidence of this… historical tomes showing it. So, he decided the only solution was to quit the game – let the force go quietly into the night… and all the destruction with it. He dispersed any remaining novices without training & somehow wiped their memories so they’ll never know the power they have. That’s why he’s holed-up in the middle of nowhere. He’s assuming the likes of Snoke will inevitably seed their own destruction. If he and other users of The Force get involved, it’ll be worse in the long run. We also find that the ghosts of deceased Jedi (Obi-Wan, Yoda, Anakin…) have faded over the years… they rarely visit Luke anymore & Luke feels a bit lost in the wilderness with no guide.

Rey tells Luke he’s full of crap – giving up is no answer. She’s going to fight! In essence this plot is similar to Wargames – the old master is content to let the world burn, but the kids are like NFW! There could be a lot of good dialog & character-building in this argument. Rey eventually gives-up on Luke and leaves, saying she’ll fight with or without him. Luke is troubled… Luke is aware of Rey’s origins & power (or at least suspects it), but doesn’t tell her this. If he trains her, the cycle continues… but if he doesn’t train her, the Dark Side may either kill her or control her. Some choice.

It seems Rey was one of the potential students dispersed and hidden by Luke. However, there was someone watching her on her home planet Lor San Tekka (Max Sydow) – the guy we see in the very first scene of Episode 7… the one who had the map to Luke. He was a friend to Luke – a bit of a disciple perhaps. That’s why he had the map. Luke had told him to keep it a secret, but Lor realized things were headed south with the First Order, so he gave the map to Poe. In fact, he basically says this very thing in Episode 7… but the first time you see the movie, you don’t know what he’s talking about.

We find that Snoke is really the master behind “the Emperor”… he was never killed, but rather fooled The Emperor into thinking he was dead. He’s been pulling the strings behind the scenes all along. We also discover Snoke was responsible for the “virgin birth” of Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader), and had some kind of dream/plan to assume control over Darth Vader to become immortal. After Vader’s death and the unraveling of that plan, he’s been back at it… he succeeded in producing another “Virgin Birth” – that’s where Rey came from – Rey has the same origin as Anakin, and Snoke has the same intention for Rey – that he’ll somehow use her for his own immortality. This also explains why Rey is so powerful in The Force even without training.

After Rey leaves Luke she confronts Kylo Ren again… but this time Kylo has more training (a few training sequences with Snoke & Kylo would be cool), and he has Snoke right there with him. They capture Rey… Snoke tells Rey of her origins and “her destiny” & she’s distraught… They don’t torture her, but keep her in a “gilded cage” of sorts, tempting her with the power of the Dark Side & twisting it to make it seem like good is bad & vice-versa (You think we’re evil, but we only seek peace and order). There’s a lot of opportunity for some great acting & writing with this kind of thing – a theme of good and evil depending on one’s point of view (as Obi-wan might have put it).

Finn & Poe (with the support of Leia) go find Luke & tell him what happened. Luke realizes he has no choice but to be involved this one last time… He ultimately confronts Snoke & Kylo. We find that Luke knows exactly what Snoke has been up to with Anakin & Rey – he learned this from the Jedi archives a well. He either kills Snoke, or weakens him to the point where the others can kill him. But, Luke dies in the process (for example: Luke is hanging off a precipice, and slices off Snokes arms… This causes him to plunge to his death, but leaves Snoke defenseless). Luke knows this is likely to happen – it’s part of his plan to bring balance to The Force – to zero-out the most powerful entities. Rey fights Kylo, but he escapes, and remains our lead bad guy, now more powerful than ever… and in a sense happy to be rid of Snoke (though, wondering if Snoke just faked his death again).

So, that leaves it for the story to just keep going… Luke might die, but he’ll come back to some extent as a “ghost Jedi” like Obi-wan did. Where the story goes from there is anyone’s guess. I’m out of ideas for now – Force out!